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Published and Forthcoming Poems

A list of some of poems which have recently appeared in magazines and other publications.

'Church of the Sunday Long Run', METER: the runner's review, Winter 2020

'Try living in a house', Magma, issue 75 (Winter 2020)

'The Flower Carrier' and 'The Champion', Wild Court, 5 July 2019

'Northern Anecdotal', Magma, issue 73 (Spring 2019)

'Cage' and 'The Bull', The Spectator, 26 January and 16 February 2019

'Patient' and 'Your anxiety', The Spectator, 26 May and 9 June 2018

'Graft', METER: the runner's review, issue #02, Fall 2015

'Building A Brighter, More Secure Future', The Morning Star, 7 July 2015

'Days', The Spectator, 8 August 2015

'King Kenny', Official Liverpool FC Monthly Magazine, issue 27, November 2014

'John Barnes', The Pride and the Passion: Offside Stories anthology 

'The Catch', The Saturday Poem in The Guardian, 5 July 2014