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Led By Bison: Seafood

I've been a fan of London-based alt-rock band Seafood since I first saw them performing at Wolverhampton's Wulfrun Hall about seven years ago, shortly after the release of their second album When Do We Start Fighting. Flavour of the month for a whole, uh, month back in 1998 (around the time of their first release, EP Messenger in the Camp), they've since had four albums, the latest being Paper Crown King, never quite breaking into the mainstream despite considerable radio airplay and praise from the likes of Steve Lamacq. When you consider much of the empty-headed chart schmindie that sells by the bucketload, then, this seems a shame, but as long as they keep making music for their small, dedicated fanbase, it suits me fine. The track above is 'Led By Bison', perhaps the best from their first album, and well worth a listen.