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Michael Hofmann

Just a bit of news in the form of my critical perspective of Anglo-German Faber poet Michael Hofmann's work going up on the British Council's Contemporary Writers website, here.

Later in the week, I'll hopefully find time to do a write-up of the music and poetry goings-on at Latitude Festival (see post below).


Anonymous said…
yr critical perspective mister Wilkinson, was very excellent.

If this is also a piece of coursework, you are on for top marks and a credit to the Faculty and a protagonist doing a bit of good in the community of yr

"Faculty bring[ing] together the theme of social development – of regions, cities and communities and the needs of those diverse populations"...which are so important for the continuing success of our planet, and the fact that we know -

"...through its portfolio, the Faculty contributes to a wider understanding of a socially inclusive society which supports educational achievement and community development."...fills one with Hope you may win the hundred pound cambridge University prize; so a tonne (only joking) ton of wishes the first time we meet outside of our intellectual sessions here in no persons land

... where we are both s/he really, our communal Reality at the mo being entirely in one's heads alone ..

and so forgive any joshing, we are nowt but trainee personae, and really i suppose what i want to say is..who teaches you there...

..i have been working very hard in the Abbey theatre, and have now the fee to attend the next semester, and am choosing my tutors very carefully, (only joking)

But the criticism had a far deeper gravity about it than the blurb for yr course. It is a necessary deviation from our true creative urge, that s/he in the contemporary Nemetons (faculties) -- compete with a web sheen PR of ad-speak, arts-council babble, keep the bureaucratic machine professionally the ollamh of thought, at tussle as H reversed it and P (ruth padel) delivered in the pavilion theatre Dún Laoghaire at Poetry Now 08, how we connect and Community deliver, nuts in our nemetons.

But fantastic perspective, critically i thought it was very professionally executed, 1250 exact, it's Sir for me and mister for us both i do not fear and so here's to a top notch non-botched next level for s/he and We, us the Community will deliver, and the first time we meet, the personae speak at Dover ben, for it is a K for us ben, Dover and Mor desmond of the fair fi faux fun, simple sir and pies on Us clever Britons, win and succeed, get Cleera cuchulainn, again help for ourselves first and then ben and des, not Ben, dover, camera, send in mick of the tonne that bit further, and get Hoff back on full time pomes for Us the Community's continuing success..

and as H wrote, we are but

"..generative fluff, myself fluffy and generative,

wild-haired and with the taste of L. in my mouth’

chav caoimghin

why you think


4 it is s/he
knock on fluff

Imbas Forosnai

Cermait Lugh
killed (an affair
with his wife)

and was topped
in turn by three

of Kermits pies
simon the magus

ate at H's do's

personae privet
camera, action

ben, dover pairs
pecked if a crit

I call Community
Faculty prince

kevin's nemeton
deasmhuman's CD

picked in place
at Ledbury 'n A

H wants me mates
personae i eye

tenm laida, imbas

and dichetal di

three things a P
oh diddle must Know

Cormac spoke and M
(meyer) glossed

*illumination of song,

knowledge which illuminates,

and 'extempore incantation' respectively ben, sir Tommy

stearns, english my arts
gra agus siochiann, Hoff

for a new car..extempore
cracking the nuts of Coll

all a British poet wants
nom yi U is the word it

verifies, scripts a nut
two wins back to back

four six eight and then
nine's a magic number, 7

days a week in the hunt
at the office, for blurb

professionally pitched
Win Class and order sir

civilisation in Sumeria
free yr mind and fit in.
Anonymous said…
and if it is not work written for others to award a mark, well done WB four tied and why eats: Y the butler s/he marking sat tussling with the epic conundrum of being anon and noh centric, druidic gates and song-sheaves of chaff, ninety percent of the outside whirls around we pug -

the word verification we plug with MacMillan's cruise lurve curved into the Uni wall, be cheif est non le bard a ward of our community caring evens, Pam Ayres practicing artistic assassin of s/he with limitless pew in the can of glue love first fell into the double helix gig with West L cans of gas , peq wu tan clan Killer church, loose let record the summer, tell us to love united states, bom a beardy sandel munching OAP puppy like -- Real Gravy -- people, gordon's ram chop and decorum, fucked off, no more beef now yr academic train trajectory ceasing, slips into eloquance, learning on lines of gra agus siochainn, cut this tonne en le Brans ley lines at the swingers bi-monthly thrash in the steam Room one oh, soh sense B4 humour's a tour de force of Love and lay clergy guilds s/he clicks divisible with ESP, seriously yah, jah sed mond ay, aye norfen, generic oak of holly, visual acoustically a very significant homogenization of song, pitched in tenors and timorous thronging around our masters soul, ley linear across the plane of Intelligent four dimensional prongs of attacking the contemporary rose shared blood white red ghost, open palmed loot sold to the hottest pocket

save our planet X, global Y B W hoarding natural supra post IT ages armed and dangerous, do not know tommorow is just Hope, here a last herd flock in control of Destinies, (un)der fitz Gearóid hidden english here has to mould civilisation, dna, and IT = plus all rounds on eces excess of K now ledged with mar's words arm of PLc English Albion Scot raider, brython, the kingdom of english Ex lame poor per Live love and loathing in graphite, penciled - we, puq - is the verificating neologism please can we quip around The Exploited's king of punk's ID deliversm Live poetry is mister punk beleiving s/he exists, right in front of yr space, and it is a space you own, won fair with no arn IT gae bolg, but we punk queen ex excess, focussed art thomas's tear in tir na Og english, became hard core thrash we love on the Fucj The System cd, whose titles alone spread the kiond of dissent s/he wants us to engage in, as concerned Community Workers of the state apparatus supporting our successful off spring and issue, until such a time as all person kind discovers first (anew) Kirk and not cille, that the Vic tory actoary hammer house of lard arse extra into which s/he fitted for one, Art became holy and we plain gods reversing from Danish gourd and Orm's cille on a wee bluff of red stone, the ordinance sand red rosetta stone in the name of mother-father sun moon dual flip flaps, metric, first design of ones' ideas other than Mor s/he, we you and me, I i the prince of four exquisite club-spade digs to diamond hearts and what Foucult the nutter actually found wisdom through friendship with, in his head alone, a nutter and s/he evenly ghoul of premise, the ground zero fo fi fumbling chunks of Hope join up as the news gets personal, all webbed into the new post noughtie era, two yrs hence, say - giove and take the ten weeks, either way added up, the Litany is a darn excellent effort and Hoffman is a very gifted (amazingly so) writer whose work is..Hmmm, fucking great, really funky and up for the craic, telling quare why we quip of the (here the we again ear and Go !!) deserted sheppard, the master of post po-,mo oh, and very ver professional mash up of lyrical lash-out confessional literature Lugh the long arm IT gae's bulg ended, psychic spears the poetry killer-artist of the foe personae within our own lost lovers left in the nemeton bereft, unable to control oneself and using personae for characters in which practice our wherever it is, the mar's IT age lover of Lir and simple pies magus si, not mister Poetry dome nor ms we P queen reversing the re-verberation of a hopeful IRS risen in the remeberance of a ghost brilliant and big, massively succesful hidden ties that tried the PR one eye alone lyrically, our own mine of us, we, and yes, I - i knew we people squared a triangular affair with hope and much prayer for confessional live litearture, of the JK jeremey kyle so tastelessly fixes up with free hugs for afternoon mugs settling disputes live on TV, and tell why Yeats Will flew round, butler's have the we english class of ones' own lineage of king and Mor, ri and Ard ollamh Destiny too ridiculously unplanned, divinity and s/he brew spoke through seven eleven four two hundred more who'll nut up at the well of onjes' Will i am b i cut Lir by glen and England made up, respectfully declined, Love, well done, forty times nine, the magi number and beyond, a binary state patterned simply in Us, sense four humours, can you feel poetry we q 4U too, both - all two of uS to whom good luck flocks Bri ton in aint, cha charl ie ID has in buckets at the back of a buck in hampshire, south at the gee gees, we won and success may come freely brought forward, legs in heard here the E strain, prophetic chaunt, a fucking classic Live band of delvers into planes few find (nor care) before the seventh yr of one's first hurl into here and Now, post nerd Om, ogam Engine, no person an island, no women or man alone at the F all face, we verification of Words, double and in the seventh yr, triplicate and amazingly blurbs accrue until: until peace and Free hugs for bores we plug or not, whatever we decide

thank you very much

i am a busted royal
loyal flushing of T

rut razed, huatha
tuatha de dannan

veer appallingly in
to our ears out at C

OC, controller a com-
ma normal inside has

command, editorial D
sir English's words

tried for size until
fittingly our pomes

heard are accorded
a worth by: commune

ity bits of wee up-
Dannan yielding TD

Poetry artist,
practicing Assassin

killer lines of a T
on We sir ordinance

ordinary auden New
yorkshire - the end

i eyed as flying I's
F itz thinks of who

gets arms, it wages
in the IT age rams

raiders, readers and
dylan, nexcastle ace

a double at the Helix
spoke spiritual: ms

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