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Videos: 'The River Don' and 'The Door'

Below are a couple of videos from the London launch of For Real (smith|doorstop Books, 2014), at the Three Stags pub in Lambeth.

'Instead, the house
sat safe and sound - floors dry, photo frames still,
something else edging closer, the way water will.'

'What was it that brought us out that day from pints and talk, our corner snug, down streets still slick with rain?'

Republic of Yorkshire: a review of For Real

"The epigram from Shadowlands (‘Why love if losing hurts so much?’) and the overtly love-themed poems (‘The Beach’, ‘Rooms’, and ‘Bearing’) aside, it is the direct mode of address, to a ‘you’, that's insistently sought throughout Wilkinson’s work that convinces me ... 'Rooms' represents the B-side of a set of voices that are the traction and torque behind such enviable poems as ‘The Catch’. In that poem, which functions as the hook for the book, direct address accelerates the reader through the full-rhymes of a sonnet without you even realising it’s a bloody sonnet at all ... Wilkinson clearly loves to play too, and he's particularly good at the dead-pan, the I'm-writing-a-poem-but-I'm-not-look. It is his dedication to the in-fiction world of poetry, his playing along, that ensures no book of his will disappoint in terms of its reread value."
The rest of the review can be read here.

"Don't let it tie you down to the house..." - Kim Moore's Sunday Poem Choice

Kim Moore has shared a poem of mine on her writing blog as the Sunday Poem. 
The poem, 'Hound', which addresses the black dog of depression with - I hope - conviction and defiance, is included in my new pamphlet, For Real.
You can read it here, and order the pamphlet from this website, at the link on the right.