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Days and Nights in W12

Jack Robinson
112pp. CB Editions. Paperback, £7.99
(with free p&p from the publisher's website)
978 0 95610 737 4

Jack Robinson's "ramble through the streets of London W12" (that postcode area otherwise known as Shepherd's Bush) is the sort of book which gets you writing a little review about the thing even though you've probably more urgent - I hesitate to say important - things to be doing. Mainly because it makes a real virtue of watching and waiting; it's the importance of being idle, but equally attentive to the weird, wonderful, mixed-up everyday metropolis that tends to pass us by as we hurry here, there and wherever. Each of Days and Nights hundred-odd pages features a black-and-white photo taken by Robinson, followed by a concise, thoughtful, often spot-on paragraph riffing on a chance scene, a snatch of conversation, an object, a character... anything that might grab the attention of our (almost) anonymous, alternative tour…