The Burning Perch

A snappy - and hopefully accessible and informative - piece on Louis MacNeice's best and last collection, The Burning Perch, features in the second issue of YM, the Poetry Society's online magazine for new young readers and writers of poetry. Do take a look, and once you've been persuaded, you can pick up the excellent Collected Poems here.


Sheila Graham-Smith said...

A persuasive little piece. MacNeice is a favourite, but I only know his work from various anthologies and online compilations and Snow was probably the first thing I read. I've ordered The Burning Perch and will work up to Collected Poems. Thanks for the introduction to YM. I'll forward it to my poetry writing daughter.

Rob said...

Nice piece, Ben. I've just read more or less all of the Collected Poems (secondhand from a charity shop, £2.99). I loved the pre-war stuff - Autumn Journal is just brilliant. I found his wartime poetry uneven, but great in places. Got to say, I agree with you that the 1950s output was often pretty tedious, but even Autumn Sequel (which I read in its 113-page entirety, and I suspect few have) had its moments of brilliance. But yes, The Burning Perch stuff is fantastic. How anyone could write such a terrific poem about soapsuds is a lesson to us all!