New Poetry @ Poetry Matters

Just wandered across to the Tower Poetry site (a poetry venture run by poet-critic Peter McDonald at Christ Church College, Oxford) to find that the latest issue of Poetry Matters is up. And it's good to see more poetry than prose there for a change - its reviews, though always engaging and worth reading, are something of a regular feature compared to new writing. But in this issue, no less than four poets grace its webpages, including Stephen Romer, Emily Middleton, and Paul Abbott, whose Flood I reviewed for PM last year. There're also a couple of my own new(ish) poems. If you're not about to head out and enjoy the good weather, then, do head across and have a read. There's also a review of Peter Porter's cheekily named Better Than God, by Vidyan Ravinthiran, which, at least for me, provided an interesting window on a well-established poet whom I'm criminally unfamiliar with.


Mairi said...

Thanks for the introduction to Tower poetry. Coincidently I was reading some George Herbert the other day while working on an entry about Zbigniew Herbert's The Halt for Plumbline, so Laurie Millers essay was particularly interesting. My copy of Maura Dooley's Life Under Water arrived last week and I see where your ambivalence is coming from but I was pleased to have it. I haven't finished reading it but to my taste 'The World Turned Upside Down' was worth the price of entry. So thanks for that as well.

Ben Wilkinson said...

Not a problem, Mairi - Tower Poetry's a useful and enjoyable website, isn't it? Worth revisiting for sure.

Glad to hear you're enjoying Life Under Water anyhow, and that you're dropping by here from time to time.