Latitude Festival 2008

For those who're interested, included below are links to the reviews, articles and interviews I wrote whilst at the Latitude Festival this year, held in the beautiful grounds of Henham Park, Suffolk.

I may edit this post at some point to give a blog-style insight into the goings on at the festival, including the bands, comedians, writers and artists I saw outside of reviewing commitments.

As one happy and half-cut festival goer put it: Pimms me up to the power of two!

Thursday ~ Poetry and Literary Arenas

Rosie and the Goldbug ~ Sunrise Arena

Friday ~ Poetry Arena

The Go! Team ~ Obelisk Arena

Friday ~ Literary Arena

Saturday ~ Poetry Arena

Rich Hall ~ Comedy Arena

Daljit Nagra ~ Interview

Tim Turnbull ~ Interview

Saturday ~ Literary Arena

Sunday ~ Poetry Arena


BarbaraS said...

Enjoyable reading - you've had a busy and productive July :)

Emerging Writer said...

All your links are broken. Such is the way of the internet, ever moving, ever changing. Anyway, how does a writer/poet such as myself, go about getting a gig at Latitude? I did Electric Picnic and want to do more.

Ben Wilkinson said...

Thanks for the heads up EW; links duly fixed.

Couldn't tell you how to go about getting a gig at Latitude - not involved in that side of things. I think Luke Wright books most - if not all - of the poets for the fest though; you could probably find his contact details online somewhere and take it from there.