As Bad as a Mile

It's been a long time since I posted on Deconstructive Wasteland, and it's largely (if not entirely) to do with my complete lack of internet connection. But now I've started studying on the Writing MA at Sheffield Hallam I have access to their ample IT facilities, so I can do more than check emails while perched on a stool in a charging internet cafe. Hence this brief post.

If you're reading this, then, thanks for returning after a month of complete inactivity. This week, two things I've written have appeared online: first, a review of Tim Turnbull's collection, Stranded in Sub-Atomica, is up on Todd Swift's blog Eyewear, and second, my choice for poem of the month at the Philip Larkin Society's site is up, 'As Bad as a Mile'. Aside from that, I'm loving being back in Sheffield, and amid sorting out everything in my new place I've started writing critical perspectives of contemporary authors for the British Council, the first of which will be on Nick Laird, at their indispensible and comprehensive site, Contemporary Writers. Do check it out, as well as the stuff I mentioned above, if you get the chance. That way, if I've said anything that you find completely disagreeable, you can post a comment here and put me in my place. If you're the guy who sent that nonsense about Calvin Harris being a talented musician when I posted to the contrary a few months back, however, you might not want to bother.

In the meantime, I hope to post soon. And catch up with what's happening on the other blogs I regularly read, most of which can be found in the sidebar. Happy writing.


puthwuth said...

The Contemporary Writers website is a disgrace! Any and every Jack and Jill come lately Forward Prize shortlistee gets on it, while Roy Fisher, Derek Mahon, Douglas Oliver, Peter Riley, John Ash, to name no more than five names, are nowhere to be seen. It's an absolute disgrace. Maybe you can do something about it.

I do believe a friend of mine, Conor O'Callaghan will be teaching at Sheffield Hallam soon, so maybe you'll have that pleasure in the near future.

Have linked to your site.

Ben Wilkinson said...

I think the site's still in its formative stages, puthwuth; the writers you list will hopefully appear on it in the future. As for whether I can do anything about, my role is freelance writing of critical persepctives, so I don't so much put authors on the site as write pieces about writers who already have a page, but no critical commentary.

Speaking of Conor O'Callaghan, he does indeed teach on the course at MA, and he's the tutor for one of the subsidiary modules I'm doing. Seems like a nice guy, and certainly knows his stuff about contemporary poetry, as you'd expect (looking forward to reading his latest collection).

Oh, and thanks for the link, I'll get you on my blogroll once I find time to manage this blog properly.