Jen Hadfield and Greta Stoddart

A quick pointer to those interested - on the Contemporary Writers site, you can now find critical perspectives on the poetry of two very different, but equally fascinating, writers: Jen Hadfield and Greta Stoddart. Hadfield's second collection, pictured above, won the T.S. Eliot Prize in 2008; recently awarded to Philip Gross in 2009 for his collection The Water Table.

And to those on/off regular readers of this blog: apologies for the hopeless lack of posts of late. Life, as the man says, has a habit of getting in the way. Work and writing permitting, I should hopefully find time to make some more substantial posts in the not-too-distant future. Cheers for sticking around.


Published and Forthcoming Poems

'The Catch' from For Real, The Saturday Poem in the 5 July 2014 issue of The Guardian
A select list of those of my poems which have appeared in magazines and other publications.

'Graft', METER: the runner's review, issue #02, Fall 2015

'Building A Brighter, More Secure Future', The Morning Star, 7 July 2015

'Steve Gerrard', Official Liverpool FC Monthly Magazine, issue 34, June 2015

'Days', The Spectator, 8 August 2015

'King Kenny', Official Liverpool FC Monthly Magazine, issue 27, November 2014

'John Barnes', The Pride and the Passion: Offside Stories anthology 

'The Catch', The Saturday Poem in The Guardian, 5 July 2014

'The Catch', 'This is Anfield', and 'The Beach', The North, issue 52, August 2014

'Liverpool v Derby County, Anfield 1996', Official Liverpool FC Monthly Magazine, issue 20, April 2014

'The Leash', Times Literary Supplement, 13 December 2013

'Link's Awakening', Coin Opera 2, December 2013 

'Once' and 'Marine', POEM Magazine, Vol. 1 No. 3, August 2013 

'Stag', 'Knowledge', 'Hound' and 'A Late Aubade', Edinburgh Review, issue 137, July 2013 

'The Nightingale' and 'The Young Fools' (after Paul Verlaine), Times Literary Supplement, no. 5718, 2 November 2012

'Joie de Vivre' and 'October' (after Paul Verlaine), Poetry Review, Vol. 102 No. 3, September 2012 

'The Argument', The Moth, issue 10, September 2012

'Last Hope' (after Paul Verlaine), The French Literary Review, issue 18, September 2012

'The Nightmare', Poetry Review, Vol. 102 No. 1, March 2012

'First Glance', 'Saturday Poem' in The Guardian, 1 October 2011

'Open Return', Poetry Review, Vol. 101 No. 2, July 2011

'The Umbrella', Times Literary Supplement, no. 5636, 8 April 2011

'Bearing', Picador Poetry (taken from a portfolio shortlisted for the Picador Poetry Prize 2010), November 2010

'The River Don', The Spectator, 11 September 2010

'New Flat', Iota 88, Autumn 2010, commended in the Iota International Poetry Competition 2009

'Monday' and 'Fame', Blackbox Manifold, issue 5, July 2010

'First Glance', Times Literary Supplement, no. 5592, 5 June 2010

'Invocation', New Welsh Review, issue 88, May 2010

'Now and Then', Poetry Review, Vol. 100 No.1, April 2010

'Camouflage', Poetry London, No. 63, July 2009

‘Sonnet’ and ‘Lament’, Poetry Matters, April 2009

‘Home’ and ‘Sunday’, Poetry London, No. 61, October 2008

‘Lights Out’, The London Magazine, August/September 2008

About the Author

BW, running the Hallam parkrun 5k race
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Ben was born in Staffordshire and now lives in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He holds an MA in Writing with distinction from Sheffield Hallam University, and has won numerous awards for his poetry, including the Poetry Business Competition and a 2014 Northern Writers' Award

His latest short collection of poems, For Real, is published by Smith|Doorstop. With support from Arts Council England, he is working towards a first full collection of poetry, for which he is seeking a publisher.

He is a keen runner, lifelong Liverpool Football Club fan, and among other things he works as poetry critic for The Guardian and the Times Literary Supplement. You can find many of his reviews on this site.

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